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Dharan Run Samuha was founded by Mr. Santosh Rai in 2011. It is a not-for-profit charity organization which organizes weekly run events a.k.a. Dharan Run as well as other charity activities for fund raising purposes. The funds are used in helping the poor and needy children.

Dharan Run is a free, timed running event organized on every Saturday mornings at 7:00 am. The run begins from Yalamber Park to Tinkune and back to Yalamber Park covering a 3.5 km distance. Started with only 38 runners in 2011, the event has been joined by 8215 runners as of January 14, 2017. The runs are open to all -juniors, first-timers, or professional athletes. Dharan Run has runners of varying age groups – juniors as young as 4 years old to senior citizens as old as 70 years old.

There are no hard and fast rules for running. All you have to do is run, jog or even walk, if need be, a distance of 3.5 km every Saturday mornings. You can wear anything as long as you feel you’re comfortable.

Dharan Run aims at engaging youths in healthy life-style and social works by means of sports, specifically running activities. By encouraging children to participate in the weekly runs regularly, Dharan Run motivates them to live a healthy life. Accordingly, the runners who complete 20 weeks or 50 weeks of runs are awarded with t-shirts as incentives. Also, poor children who are participating more regularly in the runs are awarded with running shoes provided the shoes are available from donors.

Sometimes, a particular week is run specially for charity purpose for fund raising. All the runners are kindly requested to make donations as per their will and capabilities. These funds are then handed over to some poor or sick child so that he/she can get well education or proper medical treatment.

It has been almost five years since Dharan Run first began in 2011. From its inception, the main objectives of Dharan Run have been as follows:

  • to motivate people to run for health.
  • to conduct various activities to stimulate awareness towards running activities.
  • to assist in alleviating social conflict by means of running activities.
  • to encourage all the players.
  • to help youth to discover their true potentials.
  • to utilize the local resources in the development of running sports.
  • to organize various running competitions including marathons.
  • to help foster sports activities by co-coordinating with civic societies.
  • to assist local players in competing in the national-level tournaments.

Dharan Run is a charity event and it has been, since inception, conducted by funds received from various donors in and out of Nepal. Its regular administrative tasks are run by volunteers who have willingly contributed their precious time in uplifting the name and fame of the organization and hence the entire fraternity.

Be a member of this fraternity and run, jog or walk.

Dharan Run is supported by Dharan Samaj UK and Nepal Run UK

10K Run 2024 Campaign

As you might already know, Dharan Run Samuha organizes a 10km run event every year in Dharan. This year the event is going to be held on the 12th of Falgun (24 February 2024).

The Dharan Run Samuha and its committee members are busy in the campaigning of the run event. Even the regular runners of Dharan Run are volunteering in the campaign.

The registration is already open from 2080 Kartik 22 (8 November 2023) and closes on 2080 Falgun 5 (17 February 2024). This year we’re expecting 3000+ participants. Since last year (11th episode of the event), we are using timing chip. We used chest timing chip last year and this year we are using shoe timing chip.

The registration fee is Rs. 400/- for Under 12. For other categories the fee is Rs. 400/- until 2080 Mangsir 21 (7 December 2023), Rs. 500/- until 2080 Magh 29 (12 February 2024), and Rs. 700/- until 2080 Falgun 5 (17 February 2024).

The Dharan Run Samuha heartily invites you all to participate in this year’s run event.