Dharan 10K Run – 10th Newa Charity 2022

Like every year, Dharan run is organizing the biggest running event in the country in 19th february, 2022. We are very proud to announce the opening of the forms online as well as offline. All the forms are distributed in schools for the school kids and others can get the form from the Dharan Run office located in Bhanuchowk, Dharan. Those who can’t access the paper form for the event can fill up the online form but they must upload the valid receipt of the payment for the form to be considered. Online form must be confirmed by the phone call for the assurance.

Dharan Run was established in 2011 by Mr. Santosh Rai, our Founder President who is active elite runner as well as social worker devoting to serve the community and the world. Dharan run has been conducting the weekly run every Saturday and the biggest running event once in a year. Every runner gets a t-shirt for number of weeks they have run every Saturday. This reward and appreciation was initiated to encourage every age group to run once in a week at least to stay fit and healthy. Yearly main marathon event rewards the winner runners the splash of cash prizes, medals and trophies. All the collected money from the event is invested in the service of community. The service of community started with the health sector helping a lot of less privileged people with medical assistance and now recently it has been extended to the education sector. A number of less privileged but hardworking and talented students have been rewarded with the scholarships and education materials to encourage them to continue their studies.

This year’s marathon event “Dharan 10k Run- 10th Newa Charity 2022” has been decided to “Run for Education”. This year’s event is particularly dedicated to the education and the awareness that people from all around the world must have about the surrounding that we are living in. Education is very important for every one. We believe that everyone should be educated.
The prize money for the open category has been increased to NRS. 60,0000/- for the first position, NRS. 40,0000/- for the second position and NRS. 30,0000/- for the third position. There are other consolation prizes as well. As for other categories, NRs. 7,000/-,NRs. 5,000/- and NRs. 3,000/- for the first, second and third position. Virtual Run has also started from this year which can be run from wny place all around the world if they want to be part of us. The charge for virtual run is Nrs. 1000/-.
We hope that like every year every one would support us. Let’s join this event and make it grand and possible for us to help more people this year. We truly and humbly appreciate all the supports, good wishes, and participations that we get every year.

We thank you all immensely.

Dharan Run…