Run for Education – Dharan 10Run, 9th Newa Charity 2021

“Run for Education”
Terms and conditions for this year’s 10K Run are below:
1. Previously held 10K Run included great number of runners which would be reduced to only a hundred number of runners.
2. Especially Elite Runners would be included for 10K Run with male runner having 40 minutes record and female runner having 50 minutes record at max for 10 km.
3. Social distance would be maintained in the entire run program.
4. As the run will include national and international elite runners only, the registration fee has been decided to be 1000 rupees only.
5. In the open category, the reward for first, second and third positions are 50000/-, 30000/- and 20000/- respectively. As for the fourth and fifth positions, consolation prize, an attractive medal and certificate would be provided.
6. To keep the environment healthy and lean, the use of plastic materials would be reduced during the charity run.
7. The amount collected from the event would be used for providing scholarships to 24 sincere and hardworking students through the Newa Education Fund which is under Dharan Run Committee.
-Dharan Run Team