Virtual Run->Dharan Run-Newa Charity 10km 2022

We are delighted and proud to announce you that we will be holding the first virtual run in “10th Dharan Run-Newa Charity 10km 2022”. Everybody across the world can participate in this event. There are certain rules to be followed for registration.
1. You can register through online.
2. Registration fee: Rs.1000 only.
3. After registration you will get your bibs number (chest no.) through your email address and you can print them out.
4. After completing 10km run in 19th February 2022, you can screenshot your distance timing details in run app and send them to our email address [email protected].
5. After verifying your results, we will provide the certificate, medal and T-shirt through courier.
6. Have a safe and happy run.
-Dharan Run